Legendary Ronnie Wood To Collaborate With Bremont To Design New Luxury Watches

What happens when one of the biggest names in Rock n Roll join hands with the foremost entity in the field of horology? Well, such an alliance can lead to only one conclusion that of a masterpiece. This is exactly what Rolling Stones’s Ronnie Wood hopes to accomplish as this legendary guitar and bass player has now teamed up with Bremont to design and developed fourteen art clocks. Well renowned for its unique series of wall clock, Bremont, the all new luxury Bremont exclusive watches series will be showcased at an exhibition next month. One of the stellar additions to this bespoke limited edition is the B1 Marine Clock. Designed to resemble a wall clock, the B1 Marine is a perfect product of Ronnie’s artistic talents and state or the art technology from Bremont. The horology market is full of luxury designer watches such as the acrobat timepiece  and the Floating frame mantel clock that provide a unique insight into the collaboration of art and watch making techniques. Similarly, Bremont has also been well renowned for its unique watch designs such as the Clock for Jaguar from Bremont and is said to be one the leading names among luxury watch brands.

The B1 Marine clock by Ronnie Wood comes with three time zones and the watch sports a 30-day power reserve, which needs a rewind after the charge is consumed. This magnificent clock even features a fully waterproof casing, as well as a 90 day chronograph. What makes this watch all the more special is the attention to detail that has been delivered to the artistic designs both outside and the inside of the watch. The bespoke limited edition from Ronnie Wood is composed of 14 watches and each of the have been painted painstakingly painted by the artist himself. The first of this limited edition clocks is currently on display at the Saatchi Gallery, while Bremont is still to disclose the availability and pricing of the Ronnie Wood limited edition watches.

Via Classic Driver & Retail Jeweller

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