Michael Jackson’s Final Resting Place Now Up For Sale With His Death Bed To Be Auctioned Soon

If Michael Jackson was considered to be a legend during his lifetime, then certainly post his demise in June 25th, 2009, the King of Pop has been immortalized in the hearts and memories of his millions of fans across the globe. Now, all those of your who loved Michael and also have a couple of million dollars lying in spare will have an opportunity to buy his home that was also the last place, Michael lived in and died in. The luxury mansion at 100, North Carolwood Drive in the prestigious Beverly Hills region in California has now been listed for sale with a price tag of $29 million. The immensely gorgeous mansion where Michael Jackson spent his last days still carry the words “I (heart) Daddy” written by Mr. Jackson’s children on a chalkboard. Among other Michael Jackson memorabilia auction, the death bed of King of Pop is also scheduled to be up for auction as well, starting next month. Michael Jackson died due to an overdose of a powerful anesthetic called Propofol, which was administered to him by his doctor, Conrad Murray, who has now been convicted to involuntary manslaughter.

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The magnificent Carolwood Drive mansion resembles the incredibly famous Neverland, which was considered to be the most preferred property of Michal Jackson in many, as the this luxury mansion comes with its own cinema room. This one of a kind in-house cinema room has been given a generous amount of burgundy velvet with loveseat-style sofas, while he ceiling features a cloud-dotted sky fresco. Considered to be one of the top earning dead artist, Michael Jackson had a special affinity towards the Carolwood mansion, as this luxury property reminded him of his Neverland estate.  The luxury mansion in Beverly Hills was designed by renowned architect Richard Landry and the house was built in the year 2000. The design of the mansion strongly resembles that of a French chateau, while the house itself carried 18th and 19th century French décor. Since the demise of the King of Pop, there has been an intense surge in the number of items related to Michael Jackson being put up for either sale or auction, such as the Michael Jackson thriller Jacket and Michael Jackson Energy drink.

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