World’s First & Only Dual Jet Engine Harley-Davidson Board Track Bike Auctioned Off At eBay

Designed by renowned designer, Robert Maddox and developed by the most famous names in the field of luxury motorcycles, Harley Davidson, the Harley-Davidson Board Track, which is also the world’s first and only dual jet engine powered motorcycle has now been put up for auction. The auction itself is being managed by eBay Motors, a division of the most famous online auction site, which has been credited with a number of successful auctions of luxury vehicles. Considered to be the king of custom built motorcycles, the Harley-Davidson Board Track was developed quite some time ago, when this one of a kind bike was conceived as an exercise model for a customer. The goal of this magnificent luxury motorcycle was to create a two wheel bike that would not only represent breathtaking elegance, but would also be able cross the 200 mph threshold.

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The world’s only twin jet engine bike never made it to the intended customer and eventually found its way to eBay. The design of the Board Track is inspired from the 1929 flat track racer developed by Harley Davidson and this fantastic bike retains various design elements of the 1929 model, except for the two jet engines. The Board Track is painted in a stunning metallic red color and has been incorporated with a low slung chassis, while the fuel tank of the bike is engraved with the words, ‘Harley Davidson’. Until an hour ago, this magnificent bike was available for interested bidders on eBay with an opening bid of $25,000. However, this particular listing has ended, without clarifying whether the bike has been sold off or not.

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