UltraLuxum CXL Trimaran is the Largest Vessel of its Kind in the World

Monaco Yacht Show is the biggest platform where the best from the yachting world including catamarans are showcased year after year. This year’s show was no exception and there were lot of new thing on display which one could admire. The visitors at the show were mostly the ultra rich who enjoy the luxury yachts as their exotic toys. The exhibit that attracted the largest number of admiring visitors was the UltraLuxum CXL trimaran. It is the largest vessel of its kind in the world. The large trimaran has been built for a project under the Albert II Foundation and its Wood Forever program.

Eco friendly green designs have been gaining popularity in the luxury sector. There has been a lot of work being done in the automobile sector to cut down on the emissions and the trend has influenced the design of yachts and boats as well. UltraLuxum claims to have created the largest trimaran in the world featuring the most modern of luxury and technology. The 48 meter hull of the vessel is made entirely out of carbon fiber. And that is the reason that at 110 tons the boat is rather light for its size. This enables the sails to move the vessel at a fast clip. And even if you have to use the engines, the fuel consumption is relatively low.

The layout of the boat and its interior uses the space available optimally providing you more comfort than a yacht comparable in size. Apart from the owner’s cabin and bathroom there are two guest cabins with bathroom. There is a cozy lounge area, dining area, gallery, navigation and technical center spread through the boat in a triple deck design. The amenities onboard are many including the high-end entertainment system with flat screen TV, audio-video on demand, and high speed internet facilities. The design of the trimaran has been developed as a concept and is fairly flexible to accommodate demands for modification. The teams from Coste Design and UltraLuxum have collaborated on developing the boat. Jean Francois Ruchonnet and Jessica Sbaraglia along with Jean Jacques Coste are the main people who have driven the project to a successful conclusion.

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