Top 50 Bars in the World: The Bars that Mixologists say Cheers to

Drinks International this year brought out a list of the top fifty bars all over the world. But this list wasn’t based on some popular poll. This was based on the view of the specialist, basically the guys who make your drinks at these bars, a.k.a. mixologists. The results quite obviously were based on the technical prowess of the guys making cocktails here and not the usual picks of any bar customer, which would be the ambience, comfort, price,  food and ofcourse the drinks.

But it is interesting to see a poll like this where the peer group selects who is best amongst them.  The trend reflected in this result tilts heavily in favour of the rather upscale bars, many of them infact being hotel bars. London figures as the city with the most number of bars in this list including Connaught (rank 2), Artesian (rank 3), Milk &Honey (rank 5), American Bar at the Savoy (rank 6), among others. But the top slot has been taken by PDT in New York.

Infact New York also fares quite well in this list with other bars such as Death &Co. (rank 4), Pegu Club (rank 11), Employees Only (rank 15) also making the cut. From Paris the top ranker is Harry’s New York Bar (rank 9). Bars from Dubai (Skyview Bar-rank 21) , Singapore (Tipplling Club-rank 23) and Tokyo (High Five Bar – rank 34) representing Asia, though sparsely. Surprisingly, some cities like Berlin, Rome, etc with a well known night life don’t figure in this list. Click here for the entire list.

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