Qraft: A Unique Fractional Ownership Program For Luxury Vehicles

The world of luxury is filled with rich and affluent individuals who have the monetary means of achieving just about every dream of theirs. Whether it be luxury cars, private jets or luxury yachts, these men have it all. However, there comes a time, when these boys’ toys turn into nothing but showpiece objects. That’s the time when you should look towards an all new luxury company, Qraft. Operating out of California, Qraft provides one of a kind luxury service, where in the company brings owners of extremely costly luxury vehicles closer to those who are looking to take these million dollar toys out for a spin, without ever having to buy one. In essence, Qraft is in the business of providing fractional ownership opportunities for both the owners as well as luxury seekers. As per the company’s business model, it creates a platform wherein interested users can get in touch with owners of luxury vehicles and then get into a fractional ownership deal or in laymen terms, rent the vehicle for a certain period of time. Also Read$3.7 Million Private Jet From Honda Aircraft Company Owners of these magnificent machines can create a free account at Qraft and then need to publish the details of their offerings, inclusive of photographs, location of the vehicles, as well as the asking price based on daily, weekly or monthly rental models. Furthermore, to ensure that the owners have their minds at peace in regards to their valuable possessions, Qraft even allows you ask for security deposit, that is if you wish to. For users seeking to rent these wonder machines, they can easily search for their preferred vehicle and then directly contact the owner for price negotiations. All users who sign up at Qraft are required to validate their identity via Facebook or email. This step has been incorporated to greatly reduce the risk of fraudulent individuals creating an account on Qraft. The company is even working on interesting insurance program, where in the owners will be provided with an opportunity to insure these valuables before renting them out. As per the pay model, Qraft charges 3% transaction fee and a 10% service, which is used to cover insurance, marketing fee and user support.

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