A Boathouse that Looks Like Something Right Out of a Painting!

Tyin Tegnestue, an architecture firm in Norway has created an amazing boathouse from an old boathouse! The picture looks like a painting and it really is very lovely. Looking at it makes you want to leave everything and just be alone with your thoughts in such a pristine and serene place. By the way the place where this boathouse is located is Aure (just in case you actually do that). It is a coastal town in Norway.

The boathouse gives you a very rustic feel, even though it is brand new. That is because of the fact that the architects used a lot of the material from a dilapidated boathouse from the 19th century, which was located on the same location. Hence the panelling and all here looks quite all. All this actually adds to the mystery and charm of this lovely boathouse. The facade is long, with shutters that can be opened to look like a canopy. These shutter panels contain lights that have been covered by cotton canvas to give out a soft glow. Like any proper boathouse, this one comes with a work table for gutting the freshly caught fish.

This place would be ideal for a weekend away from all the hustle and bustle. But the fact that it is all the way in Norway makes it a little hard for us. Plus the cost of $45,000 might be a bit too much for a boathouse, even if it a very beautiful one. And besides, with all the wood coming from the older boathouse, I don’t know where this hefty price tag is coming from!

Via: Remodelista , DesignBoom

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