Unfinished Largest House In The U.S, Versailles Now Up For Grabs At $75 Million

Though the United States hosts some of the most elegant and lavish luxury properties in the world, yet one that stand out amongst the rest is the Versailles, which is also considered to be the largest home in America. Now, the owners of this humongous luxury house, David and Jackie Siegel have decided to put it up for sale with an asking price of a whopping $75 million, while the house is still unfinished. Easily counted in the league of some of the biggest luxury mansions in the world, such as the Versailles Palace in France, this magnificent yet to be finished structure occupies a massive 90,000 square feet of land. Located in Windermere, Orlando, Florida, the Versailles was being built at a location which is also renowned for the former residence of golf champion, Tiger Woods. Owner of the luxury hospitality firm, Westgate Resorts, David Siegel was forced to put this mammoth luxury house on sale, due to the losses his company suffered as a result of the economic downturn.

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Unlike the Versailles Palace that has been transformed into a luxury hotel, the Versailles in the U.S is yet to be completed and the entire construction process will be handed over to the new owner. The largest home in the U.S, Versailles features 13 bedrooms and a mind blowing 23 bathrooms, while the house has been given a garage with capacity of holding 23 cars. This immensely luxury home even comes with its very own baseball field, while the exteriors are dotted with magnificent gardens. On the inside, the Versailles features a video arcade, its very own theater room along with a splendid two lane bowling alley. The entire structure has been designed after being inspired by the luxurious residence of Louis XIV and the house itself is seated on a 10 plus acres of land.

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The Versailles features four fireplaces, a massive dining room that can seat up to 30 people and even comes with full baths with Jacuzzis. Also, the house has been even given its own fitness center with spa facilities, an activity room, one computer room and this magnificent mansion comes with an adult movie theater that sports a balcony too.

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Via Wall Street Journal & Florida Lake Front


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