Di Donato Launches Guitars with Aluminum Body

Di Donato, a luthier’s company in Venice, Italy, has long experience of crafting voiles, violas, and cellos. They have applied this experience to create a new electric guitar. The recently launched guitar has an aluminum body which has been contoured somewhat like the soundboard of a violin. This modified design helps to transfer vibrations to and from other parts of the instrument. The neck of the guitar seems to grow out of the aluminum part of the guitar and the small head looks unusual for a guitar though it features a proprietary locking system.

There is a reason for this according to Di Donato. It makes the guitar more balanced in weight and even in its tonal response. Tap tested pieces of wood are used for hand crafting the neck of the guitar to obtain the best results. The attention to detail makes the Di Donato guitar superior. Each fret is individually polished and finished by hand. When the neck is painted, every slot is sealed by a small piece of wood. Pure ebony is used to create the dots.

Since the guitars are hand crafted completely it is possible to customize them. The electronics can also be modified as per one’s preference and requirement. Currently the pickups being used in the guitar are mainly single-coil and are also hand-wound by Di Donato. The pickups are something of a cross between a P-90 and Jazzmaster. The company is already working on a dual blade humbucker and hopes to release it soon. The price has not been announced but do you think it would be the most expensive guitar?

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