Pousse Creative brings out ‘Green’ Kennels for your pets

Sebastian Haquet and Thomas Lanthier of Pousse Creative have brought out two ‘Green’ design for your dogs, cats or small pets as their litters. The Kokon Kennel and K-Bannette Kennel look very modern and the best part about them is that they can work as decorative pieces in your homes as well. These kennels have flower pots or planters on top to serve as plant decorations and a comfy pillow inside the box for your pet. There is a backdoor which can be opened to clean the insides of the box.

These Kennels have been made with roto molded plastic and are recycled and recyclable and hence environmentally friendly. They are available in white and brown. The K-Banette is made of wood and has four flower pots on top. It can also be used as a litter box by simply placing a plastic tub with gravel in it, which can be clean periodically. This one can be ordered in natural wood or white laminate with a taupe front panel.

Pousse Creative was founded not long back in 2010 and is based near Lille in northern France. Founders, Sebastian Haquet and Thomas Lanthier try to create simple yet innovative products that seamlessly connect man and nature. Kokon Kennel and K-Bannette Kennel are definitely something that would interest both pet lovers and nature lovers. You can order them online on the Pousse Creative website and while you are at it, check out their other offerings as well.

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