Italian Hairstylist Rossano Ferretti Launches Second Salon In India

How much would the world’s most expensive haircut cost? It is not uncommon for hairstylists in the West to charge as much as $500 for a single sitting. But Italian hairstylist Rossano Ferretti is costlier still. He charges $1,000 per haircut. In Indian rupees, that is nearly Rs. 50,000. Do the math.

What makes Ferretti this expensive? A quick look at his list of clients reveals the answer. This man has tended to several A-list stars including Salma Hayek and Lady Gaga. He counts even the late Princess Diana as one of his clients. Christy Turlington’s first bangs were courtesy this Italian hair expert. He was responsible for Linda Evangelista’s famous bob as well. Formerly a barber from Parma, Italy, Ferretti struck gold with the snip of his scissors. Today, he runs 20 global salons around the world. The most recent of these is a salon in Gurgaon at The Oberoi.

Ferretti’s India Link

The Gurgaon salon is Ferretti’s second property in India. The first is located in the Four Seasons hotel at Mumbai. Ferretti was in town recently to launch this second salon. Unfortunately, this celebrity hairstylist will not be cutting hair here. While that will be a disappointment for some, others will appreciate the relatively reasonable prices. At least, you do not have to shell out $1,000 per haircut. The base price for a haircut at this salon is Rs. 2,000 for men. But for a more extensive treatment, a female client could end up paying Rs 6,500. This would include a style change and the services of senior stylist.

There is no reason to worry. These able hands have trained under Ferretti and his salon director Dmitri Lafiandra. The latter has been working with Ferretti for the last six years now.

The launch of Ferretti’s second India salon comes at a good time. The Italian has himself noticed changes in the Indian attitude to hair. People are less in love with long hair. They are more trusting towards color. Moreover, the Mumbai salon already has its share of high-profile clients. Bollywood stars like Lara Dutta and Jacqueline Fernandez head to the Four Seasons outlet regularly.

A Patent On Haircutting

Ferretti’s salons are spread across the globe. The fashion capitals of the world – places like Paris, Milan and New York – are home to Ferretti salons. But they are bound by one other characteristic – Ferretti’s patented haircutting technique.

Some may find it incredulous that Ferretti has a patent on haircutting, but that is how it is. The technique is called Metodo Rossano Ferretti, and it is one of the main reasons why Ferretti can charge the way he does. The Metodo that Ferretti developed has everything to do with respecting the natural movement of hair.

The Male Connection

Interestingly, men are propelling Ferretti towards greater profits. The Italian hairstylist revealed that men account for a quarter of the earnings from the Mumbai salon. Worldwide, the numbers are similar, with men accounting for 30 percent of Ferretti’s earnings. The former barber adds that men who have been to a stylist once will never return to a barbershop. Fortunately for Ferretti, he is a humble barber no more.

Via: The Economic Times

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