Bulgari Enters The Eyewear Business, Offers Bejeweled Frames

Eyewear today is far more stylish than it used to be even a decade ago. The ugly soda-bottle glasses of yesteryear are no more. Even the modern geeky grandfather-style optical frames are necessarily chic; frames for sunglasses, even more so. And it looks like glasses will become even more stylish, thanks to the entry of Bulgari on the luxury eyewear scene.

Italian luxury brand Bulgari has made name for itself through its fine jewelry and luxury watches. Precious metals and stones are Bulgari’s specialty. So Le Gemme, Bulgari’s collection of optical frames and sunglasses, is expected to draw the attention of the luxe brigade. The collection reaches stores this month and will include a range of stylish luxury eyewear for both men and women.

Bulgari being Bulgari, the prices will be prohibitive for most. We checked, only to learn that the most affordable items in Bulgari’s Le Gemme range will start from about $250 – that is the cost for a pair of gold-embellished frames. Depending on the quantity of precious stones and metal, the price increases, soaring to a high of $12,000 for gold, bejeweled glasses. But for even more exclusive (read: expensive) products, customers could check out the Le Gemme Rare line. The latter offers ten unique models for women only. These come with price tags that range from $40,000 to $100,000. So yes, these are not for the regular buyer.

As if that was not enough, Bulgari is providing customization services as well. Customers can add a range of precious stones to glasses – everything from sapphires to rubies, amethysts, diamonds and more are on offer.

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