Apple’s Fifth Avenue Store’s Glass Cube entrance gets a $6Million Facelift

Steve Jobs before his death had commissioned the glass cube outside Apple’s Fifth Avenue store to be renovated. And now, the before and after look is for everyone to see. Jobs’ wanted this very Louvre like piece to be more seamless and elegant, quite like most of his own products.  As you can see from the picture above, the earlier cube had a number of glasses, actually 90 of them bolted together. Now the cube uses just 15 big glasses to create a simpler yet almost ethereal look. They have also removed the small bollards that surrounded the earlier cube.

Jobs was someone who was always improving things. And this was not just limited to his products whose new and improved versions invariably created a fan-following in the market. This will be remembered as his one last masterpiece.

The reactions have been very mixed. I myself have to admit that there does not seem to be anything strikingly different about the basic design but the overall look of it is something which everyone will have a different opinion on. The earlier one looked bolder, stronger while the new one looks more simplistic and that is where its beauty lies.  The overall cost of this ‘simplification’ cost around $6million. Whatever be the opinion of others, I honestly like them both very much. Probably one of the coolest entrances to any store till date.

Via: Gizmodo

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