Agresti Crafts the Golf Chess Set with Green Board and Golf Inspired Pieces

Chess can be played on a simple board but it feels like a different game when played on a luxurious board with fine hand crafted pieces. A car maker had also made the Bentley chess set. Now Agresti has crafted a really fine board and as expected well crafted pieces that is a result of their long tradition of Florentine craftsmanship. Over the years they have become synonymous with this traditional craftsmanship and have raised the bar for luxury wood pieces. Their fine craftsmanship has regularly created new global benchmarks that others strive to follow.

This chess set is no different and is sure to impress the discerning consumers. The interesting twist to the set is that it is the Golf Chess set. The pieces have been crafted in the shape of a golf ball or figures swinging golf clubs. It will have an added appeal for people who love playing or watching golf. The Golf Chess set will be ideal for those who love to play chess during the evenings of a golfing weekend. You almost feel like you are extending your golf beyond the greens. The golf lovers are a pampered lot as different companies vie with each other to create a Golf folio, Golf cart or a Golden putter for them.

The board is crafted from a very durable variety of Canadian bird’s eye maple, but you really get to see Agresti’s mastery of Florentine craftsmanship in the accompanying brass pieces made with polished finish. It is a sophisticated piece of equipment to sharpen your mental skills. The luxury chess set is expectedly not inexpensive. The Golf Chess set is priced at $890. A game of chess before hitting the golf course will put you in the right frame of mind and a game after a day of golf will relax you to enjoy the evening.

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