Builtwell Specialty Shop to Recreate the Brough Superior SS100 Bike

Builtwell is a maker of Specialty bikes. They are now creating a super special model that would be available for the bikers by the middle of next year. It is the Brough Superior SS100 bike which would be custom made with hand and is inspired by the original model for the 1930s. This limited edition creation is being made as a memorabilia. At quarter of a million this memorabilia is obviously not for everyone. Brough Superior since its launch in the 1930s has had a large fan following. Its power packed features always attracted the hard core bikers.

Brough Superior was also known as the Rolls Royce of Motorcycles. It has had very many successful runs on different racing circuits. It was known for its superior build and quality and regularly received awards for the same. Builtwell Specialty Shop has regained the exclusive rights for the bike and is in the process of rebuilding the motorcycle with some modern and more powerful upgradations and add- ons. The brass finished fittings and leather upholstery enhance the look of this edition.

These bikes were always made by hand and the same will be carried on for the new edition as well. Despite the high price tag it has created a buzz amongst the bike enthusiasts and they have placed orders for the bike in great numbers. The company will be busy in delivering against those orders till 2013. However, the special edition orders will be executed on priority and should be delivered by the middle of 2012. If you are thinking of ordering one you will have to deposit 50% advance with the order.


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