Oscar de la Renta Revolutionizes Facebook-commerce

Facebook commerce has slowly begun to take the fashion world by storm as well. It is pretty clear that social commerce, or purchases and selling of good on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other social media will only grow. As proof to that Oscar de la Renta has begun to sell its $65 Esprit d’Oscar solid perfume ring. It has more than 283,000 followers and is the first luxury brand to sell its wares on Facebook.

The company revealed that they would be offering other products than jewels as well, through their F-commerce wing. It must be noted that Oscar de la Renta is the first luxury brand to offer F-commerce to its followers or fans. Many have already done so. However, what sets the company apart is that its checkout process takes place right on Facebook website. This means, a buyer never has to leave Facebook and will be able to purchase what he or she needs to right on the social networking site.

The growth potential of this sort of commerce is huge and there is surely going to be a great deal of flurry of activities in the near future. Perhaps no one would ever need to leave there social networking sites and can they can purchase all that they ever wanted right on Facebook or Twitter. What bothers me is only the security aspect of it. Nevertheless, this is going to revolutionize the way we shop for luxury goods, and it is impressing to see that purchases can be done right on Facebook.

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