King’s Folly: An Opulent Sculpture With A Strong Message

Sometimes artists go overboard while showcasing decadence in their creation. The almost garish golden chandelier that we covered in July was a case in point. But this recent sculpture by Solvakian artist Ivan Venkov is an admirable piece of art. Named King’s Folly, the creation captures a deer in flight. The front half of the deer is pure nature. But the back is an explosion of man-made ornamentation. The overall impression of this golden cabinet is one of exploitation – of the human impact on nature.

The Inspiration

In making this piece, Venkov was inspired by a passage in French writer Joris-Karl Huysman’s novel “A Rebours”. This particular passage related the story of a jeweler who believed that the best display for his favorite gems would be the shell of a living tortoise. In time, the jeweler returned with the gem-encrusted tortoise. But the tortoise died under the weight of the jewels.

The Creation

King’s Folly also captures this tragedy of nature. The deer appears to be running from impending tragedy, even as the heavily ornamented golden cabinet replaces its hind portion. The deer’s motion is eternal, even as the non-living ornament symbolically eats into its life.

Luxury In Art

The gold cabinet itself is a study in decadence. Venkov has even referenced that ultimate symbol of luxury, the Faberge egg, while creating the hind portion of this sculpture. The machine-like feel of the entire chrome-crafted cabinet adds to the theme of polarity. A drill-like spiral projects out of the cabinet, topped by a golden apple and a pyramid. A black crystal door represents marks out the golden drawer. Almost fluid coin-like items occupy the area below.

King’s Folly is truly elegant, yet it does not compromise on the strong theme. It could be a great addition to an art lover’s home.

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