Fit Your IPad 2 With Stylish Bumper Cases From Crystal Rocked

As if the iPad were not beautiful enough, Crystal Rocked took on the challenge to making it even more of a knockout. The result? New bumper cases for your beloved iPad 2, that are crafted out of precious metals. In the past, Crystal Rocked has offered bling-bling makeovers for Apple products, which resulted in such stunners as the Swarovski iPhone 4. The work that the team has done on the iPad 2 is no less exciting.

The bumper cases from Crystal Rocked ensure that you can carry your iPad 2 around like a little briefcase. The single frame design, complete with a handle, adds even more style to your trusty gadget.

The folks at Crystal Rocked first create a single frame aluminum base. This is then immersed in either liquid gold or chrome, which provides the necessary bling. The gold/chrome layer also offers additional durability to the frame itself. Not that Crystal Rocked is using ordinary aluminum anyway. The aluminum in use is aircraft grade material. Moreover, the dip plating in gold/chrome is carried out four times to ensure a strong, even layer.

Moreover, Crystal Rocked claims that the bumper case can be installed quickly and easily. Users have easy access to all buttons and controls. Moreover, the bumper case provides necessary protection for your iPad 2. It is shatterproof and shock-absorbent, which spells good news for your gadget. In fact, it would be really nice if Crystal Rocked extended its bumper case concept to other portable gadgets as well. Each case, whether gold or chrome will set you back by $617.

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