Emily Cho Release Exotic Skin Inspired Line of Handbags to Make Luxury Affordable

Handbags have an almost unending demand from women. You could even say that handbags hold a special place in the hearts of women. There are several designers and all the important labels who keep creating new collections every season. Leather luxury handbags, particularly those created out of exotic skins are desired the world over. Designers like Nancy Gonzalez have created some of the most stunning leather handbags that carry hefty price tags that even break the $50,000 barrier. In the same category you have the Gucci crocodile bag, Burberry alligator, other alligator handbags and Crocodile skin luxury handbag. Emily Cho designers Emily Gellis and SJ Cho have created a line of exotic skin inspired handbags for their young label.

The handbags in their line cost under $700 and look exactly like some exotic skin. There is a huge segment of consumers who want these handbags but can’t afford the real stuff. Emily Cho has moved in to fill this void and have been received well by the consumers. Emily Gellis was a merchandiser for ready-to-wear at Intermix. It has given her a good understanding of the needs and demands of consumers. She handles the commercial side of the business while partner and co-founder SJ Cho handles the creative and technical side of the business.

Their vision for the brand is very clear. They are working hard to create a brand that is known around the world for making affordable luxury. They want to make the best of products available to their customers, all at a price of below $700. They are not creating a niche for themselves but targeting everyone. Their favorite designers are Margiela, Karl Lagerfeld, Lanvin, Proenza, Fendi, Tom Ford, Celine and Balenciaga and you will find their influence on their designs. Shopping on their site is fun.

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