Build A Bowling Alley In The Comfort Of Your Home

Being wealthy has its plusses. You can have an entire room dedicated to your favorite indoor sport. In many cases, bowling wins the battle. In-house bowling alleys are all the rage among members of the superrich community. It helps that specialist companies have jumped into the fray and are offering high-end clients a chance to build customized bowling alleys in their homes. Fusion Bowling is one such firm.

Bowling alley specialist Fusion Bowling has been in the business long enough to know what their high-end clients are looking for. These days, they are offering a range of new options for private bowling alleys. Whether you want a single lane or several bowling lanes, Fusion Bowling offers its services as well as customization options.

Fusion Bowling has divided their bowling alley options into a number of categories. So you have boutique alleys, residential alleys and amenity bowling alleys. Select the basic section, then you can go crazy on the d├ęcor and the other add-ons. Generally, the standard bowling alley setup will include full-size regulation lanes, under-floor ball return systems and computer scoring on overhead displays.

Then, there are the extras. You can opt for bowling lanes in a variety of different colors. You can even ask for lanes that glow in the dark. If you are a true-blue speedster in your bowling, check out Fusion Bowling’s ball speedometers.

A standard bowling alley will set you back by anywhere between $115,000 to $135,000. For those that have the money, this might be a great deal. For those that don’t, you’ll just have to keep returning to the nearest commercial bowling alley, for your bowling fix.

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