Clock for an Acrobat by Daniel Weil is Truly a Unique Timepiece

Can you make art precise like precision engineering? You would probably say no. But you would change your mind when you see the Clock for an Acrobat designed by Daniel Weil. Though it is nothing like paulk smith travel alarm clock or the clock in dottlings grand circle safe or the unusual QLOCKTWO. It has a big round hoop and it is a clock in motion. The movement of the clock makes it move literally. The design patterns used to create this timepiece is truly unique and was never conceived earlier. Even Daniel Weil has been toying with the idea for 25 years now before he could actually translate it into reality.

It is a circular clock but is placed within a larger circular hoop which is similar to what acrobats use. Both the clock and the hoop have been placed on a track. At the first appearance you see several circular figures. The inner most circle holds the basic mechanism of the clock. Nickel-plated silver and brass rods have been placed strategically to hold all the parts together. The movement of the clock is most unique. The first of its kind movement keeps moving along the circular track on the outside. It displays time through its crafted minutes, seconds, and hour hands.

However the most interesting feature of the clock is the way the battery that supplies power to the clock is stored. They are held in place by positive and negative charged power lines and literally hangs in mid air. The battery starts moving away from its original path when it weakens and needs to be replaced. The best of materials have been used to make the unique clock. Apart from nickel and ash plated silver and brass frames walnut wood of single grain finishing has been used to create the tracks. Since each piece is handcrafted to perfection the design is being made in a limited edition of ten only. The probable pricing of the clock has not been indicated as yet but from the looks of it you can be sure that it will be on the higher side.

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