Silhouette, The Levitating Lamp: Retro Lampshade Gets A Makeover

At first glance, you think it is an illusion. But Silhouette, the levitating lamp is as real as can be. Not magic but not technology ensures that the top of this extraordinary lamp remains suspended mid-air. What I love about this lamp is that it is futuristic, yet based on the old-world design of the basic table lamp. Designer Angela Jansen must have had her sense of humor about her when she began designing this intriguing table lamp.

The Technology

First things first, let us clear up how it is done. Jansen has employed electromagnets to ensure that the upper portion of the lamp levitates well above the base. Moreover, Jansen has created a control system to ensure that the levitating portion never touches down. It is permanently suspended mid-air.

There is more. Jansen has fitted the lamp (levitating bits and all) with the latest LED technology. I am not clear about how much light it will produce, but Silhouette should work very well as a reading light, or just as mood-lighting during an informal get-together. Moreover, the lamp‘s power consumption is low and users can dim the lamp to their specific requirements using only their fingertips.

Other Details

The lampshade itself is made from a matte black fabric. The inner lining is a pearl white color. The lower portion of the lampshade is covered by a mirror, which affects the final light output. The power cord is also draped in fabric. The levitating lamp comes with a EU two pin power plug, but American buyers can order a US power plug instead.

Via: Dvice, Neatorama

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