Tron Legacy Revisited With The World’s Most Expensive Electric Bike

The year 2010 proved to be a resurrection ground for one of the most popular Hollywood blockbusters, with the release of Tron: Legacy. This magnificent sci-fi film, though impressed everyone with its fancy CGI effects, yet what caught hold of the audience the most was the Tron bike that led to the spawning of a number of replicas. Now, Daniel Simon, a designer with Cosmic Motor has come up with an extraordinary creation in the form of The Detonator, which is also hailed as the world’s most expensive electric bike. As the title suggests, the Detonator is essentially an electric bike that sports some of the most futuristic designs and emits zero carbon emissions. Been greatly inspired by the Tron bike, this remarkable electric motorcycle has been designed and developed to provide the riders with a comfortable, classy yet eco-friendly ride.

The Detonator features a unique low-slung chassis design and this extremely elegant most expensive bike has been incorporated with large wheels at the front and the back for enhanced traction, while both the wheels measure a mammoth 30 inch and 27 inch respectively. This magnificently designed bike measure a total 11.5 feet in length and is powered by lithium ion batteries. The Detonator can achieve an electric charge worth 80 to 100 miles in just one hour, using a 110 volt socket. Just because the Detonator is an electric bike, doesn’t mean that it’s low on performance, as the top speed on this stunning two wheeler is known to be 120mph. So, far the Detonator has been made available in variety of luxury markets including United States, Saudi Arabia, and Europe, with a monstrous price tag of a $150,000. You can own a Detonator by placing an order with either Parker Brother Outlets, or from the Cosmic Motors studio.

Via Gizmodo & Wired

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