Sennheiser Headphones Get A Colorful Twist Courtesy ColorWare

This is the era of cool, fun headphones. And Sennheiser headphones are among the coolest accessories for an audiophile. What makes them cooler still is ColorWare’s putting a signature spin on them. Under ColorWare’s influence, the Sennheiser HD 800 headphone is getting a colorful new makeover.

If you already have a pair of HD 800 headphones, send them over for the $300 ColorWare customization. The price may be a little steep, but it is way cheaper than buying a new pair of Sennheiser HD 800 headphones by ColorWare. The latter will set you back $1,800. Compare that with the standard, non-color-customized HD 800s that cost $1,400. Then again, if you want style to go with function, be ready to spend.

The HD 800s from ColorWare take advantage of Sennheiser’s “most advanced driver technology” and add their own colorful twist to “redefine what reference-grade audio is all about”, says the ColorWare website. The HD 800 is fully assembled in Germany, so that the sound quality remains top-notch. Right after that, ColorWare takes its turn, sprucing up the already beautiful headphones in a range of bright colors. Customers are welcome to suggest their own color themes. As ColorWare puts it, “You’re the artist, so why not let you have the final say?”

ColorWare’s skills at color customizing have won the firm plenty of fans – especially since the ColorWare iPhone 4S, where it custom-painted the iPhone, making it an even more stylish gadget. Then there was its attempt (a wholly successful one) at Segway customization. The Sennheiser headphones look poised to be a big hit, and another tick on ColorWare’s list.

What color would you like your headphones to be?

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