Cantata Music Center: Fantastic Audio At £6,000

Are you looking for a music player that can handle a range of different sources of music? Then take a look at the Cantata Music Center from Resolution Audio. The name may suggest a radio hall or a space-consuming music system. But really, it is nothing of the sort. Get ready to admire it, but beware – this is the most expensive USB based digital audio converter in the market.

Space-Saving Music Device

The Cantata Music Center is a hugely efficient and compact music player. It resembles a shallow rectangular box measuring 17″ x 9″ x 2″ and weighs no more than 6 kilograms. All it needs is a sizable shelf, and no more.

Compatible With Most Music Sources

Whether you have a Mac, a PC or a NAS, the Cantata Music Center can team up with any of your devices and produce the original sound quality. Not only that, you can also link your trusty CD or DVD player to this beauty using external inputs. However, given that most of us store our music on our computers, I expect that the wireless links will be used the most. iTunes users have reason to smile because there is an Ethernet link via the Resolution Audio Pont Neuf. You can also link your most expensive USB device to this music player.

Great Audio

The audio quality is top-notch courtesy the XLR and RCA outputs. It is like listening to the original CD itself. Moreover, since the Cantata Music Center has no hard drive of its own, it is free of vibrations.

Exorbitantly Priced

The price is the bummer. At £6,000 (about $9,700), this terrific music system is beyond the reach of most audiophiles. Don’t you wish you could buy the Cantata Music Center?

Via: Uncrate

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