Porsche Uses Old Engine Cylinders to Create New Bottle Coolers

People tend to pop the Champagne at the drop of a hat. They hardly need an excuse to celebrate. Hence the need to keep a bottle chilled at all times. Porsche Design has come forward with a smart design for a bottle cooler. They design the most unexpected of things that have no relation with their cars. But this bottle cooler has a direct link to their older models when their car engines were air cooled. The new bottle coolers are made from the ribbed cylinders in old 911 engines.

The cool bottle coolers are reason enough to celebrate. The exclusive coolers use original ribbed cylinder from the early air-cooled 911 models popularly known as G models. The coolers come with an anodized aluminum base and the Porsche Crest has been lasered on the body. Porsche Engineering Services GmbH has been involved in giving the bottle cooler the final shape. The outcome is stunning and it will even encourage and motivate you to celebrate. The classic cooler has been designed to accommodate one bottle and cool it to the desired temperature.

The new cooler is part of Porsche Design Driver’s Collection and is readily available with a price tag of $620. The wine cooler will have a wide appeal and utility and is bound to generate some volumes for Porsche. The car lovers will be attracted to the engine cylinders. The aluminum base with straight lines gives it a sophisticated and smart look. It is a classic design ready to take to a new high.

Via: shop4.porsche

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