Burberry brings out its latest leather dress…for Toddlers!

Burberry is leaving no stones unturned these days to make it big in the world of kids wear. Their collections now have dresses and accessories for kids as young as toddlers. But their latest offering in this line has created quite a buzz, and unfortunately for Burberry, it is not of the good kind. When you think of leather, it evokes fashion, luxury and sexiness in your mind, unless ofcourse you are against cruelty to animals, cause then you would only imagine a carcass.

But let us just assume you like wearing leather. But would you ever dress your toddler in a leather dress? Seems quite unlikely. But that is exactly what the dress above in the picture from Burberry expects you to do. It has been advertised as being “finely tailored in buttery soft lambskin from Italy, creates a look of modern luxury”. Though it has that classic frock design for baby girls but the material is very unconventional to say the least. Priced at $695, I am not sure if parents would spend so much money on a single dress. And besides that, it would be pretty difficult to convince parents whether it would really be comfortable for a child. But who knows, maybe some star child might wear it and it would become the next hottest trend.

In its effort to gain popularity in the world of children’s wear, it roped in Harry Potter star Emma Watson to be the face of its brand in 2009. Next came Transformers actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as the face of their Burberry Body fragrance this year. This dress however, will most likely be a step back, atleast that is what the initial reactions indicate.

Via: DailyMail

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