Triumph Announces a Limited Edition Steve McQueen Edition Bonneville for 2012 Release

Triumph has released some details about a new motorcycle they have in the pipeline. According to the announcement the plans are on for the release of a new Steve McQueen Edition based on the Triumph Trophy TR6. This particular model was made popular by the legendary star when he rode it to fame in 1963’s The Great Escape. The motorcycle was especially created for the movie and looked like a WWII-era BMW. The new model which is to be released in 2012 would look similar but be different and better in some ways.

The new model has been planned as a limited edition release. The new model based on the iconic Bonneville T100 will have only 1,100 numbered examples. The individual number of the bike will be prominently displayed on a plaque on the bar clamps. The limited edition bikes will have an army style matte green lacquer finish. The logo of the brand would be stenciled on the bike. True to the original model the bike will have a solo seat and luggage rack. The bike will also have a skid plate and several blacked-out components.

Since it is a Steve McQueen Edition, the bike will feature a facsimile of McQueen’s signature. Like other high end limited edition products the buyers will get certificate of authenticity. The plans for the new model will be highlighted in the EICMA trade show in Milan on November 8. According to sources at Triumph the new model should be ready for sale by next summer. Steve McQueen loved bikes and was a real Triumph fan. He owned a Triumph Bonneville which he bought from good pal Bud Ekins and raced it around the Hollywood Hills. He had taken Bud to Germany to make the bikes for The Great Escape.

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