Swiss Watchmaker Creates a Music Box that Plays 18th Century Music Pieces

Some might find it strange but there is a lot in common between a watch and a music box. The craftsmanship required to create the perfect tonal quality in a music box is similar to that of horologists. Reuge are renowned horologists since 1865 and one of the best Swiss watch makers. They are based in Sainte-Croix, Switzerland which is known as the birth place of the mechanical musical box. They have used their best horological skills to create a music box that creates mellifluous melody.

The design of the body of the music box gives it the look of a miniature boat cum tray. There was some precise engineering involved in its creation and the whole process took almost three months to complete. The creation of the music box is a 34 step process requiring the best craftsmen with highly specialized skills. The secret behind the accurate reproduction of the music and melody is the main Cartel 4.144 centered movements with a rotating brass cylinder lined with resin.

The Boite a Musique has 3,800 wire pins that pluck two 72-note tempered-steel combs in perfect time. Each tooth has been tuned to a particular frequency so that the quality of the sound is maintained through the range. Four musical pieces have been set in the music box. Each piece is of 50 second duration. All the selections are from the 18th century namely, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Litszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody, Verdi’s La Traviata, and Bizet’s Carmen. The premium looking music box comes at a premium price of $25,300 a piece.

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