Japanese Car Has Airbags on the Outside to Minimize Impact

Japanese company called Humanix has collaborated with Hiroshima University to launch a green car that goes by the name iSAVE-SC1. Going green is a big deal these days, and especially when the occupation protests are taking place, most companies have begun to monetize on the environmental sentiment that most people at these protests profess.

They may not realize but ‘going green‘ is widely misunderstood just as the protestors have misunderstood what corporations are all about and that it would be better off for them if they actually looked for a job instead of making revolutions a career. The car is being touted as the world’s safest car, but unfortunately it is just a glorified golf cart that is also quite bulky in nature. The maximum speed of this ‘car’ is 50 km/hour and it has 3 wheels. It is also surrounded by air bags on the outside to minimize the impact and thus protect the drivers and passengers.

What is not clear to me is how practical a car like this is on our roads, where it is very to be run over if one drove a little car like this. It is expected to cost $10,400, which is quite a lot of money if you asked me, for a glorified golf cart.  The car looks pretty enough, and could be a great way to tell teh world how green and sweet you really are. But honey, such things are far from being practical. Maybe, you would like to go ahead and buy yourself a decent luxury sedan instead.

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