Hermes Puts Discarded and Excess Material to Creative Use

When you create luxury products, you don’t cut corners and that leads to a significant amount of waste material. The aim here is not to arrive at the most efficient process of production but to create something with best quality features. Hermes, the French luxury goods house is known to create products that boast of the highest quality in the category. They have now put their mind to put the discarded and excess materials from their workshop to some constructive and creative use. They have commissioned various artists to create accessories from the materials which would otherwise be discarded as scrap.

This initiative has proved to be fun and has helped create a series of one of a kind handcrafted accessories and toys like leather stuffed animals and porcelain beaded bracelets. These interesting creations are part of the Petit h collection. This unique collection would be presented at the Madison Avenue store in New York from November 2 to 23. This creative initiative has been taken by Pascale Mussard who is the granddaughter of Émile Hermès, who established the brand with her brother. The brand has come a long way since.

The Petit h collection has 2,200 creations ranging from doorstops made from leather and pebbles ($730 to $760) to a bamboo and crocodile swing. Some of the items have been created specifically for the New York sale such as a life-size panda bear made from calfskin which would cost you a cool $100,000. There are coffee cup holders made of leather and crocodile and available in a range of colors. Your initials can be put on the item on request. The Petit h sale will subsequently travel to Paris, Berlin, and Hong Kong in the upcoming months.


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