Steve Jobs’ Feadship Superyacht Could Well Be The iPod Of Superyachts

Talk about Steve Jobs‘ life and unrivalled genius is yet to die down. That was to be expected from a business mogul of his stature. New reports have emerged about Steve Jobs working on a private superyacht of his own over the past couple of years. Apparently, the Apple founder had commissioned luxury yacht makers Feadship to build the superyacht for him. And given that the client was no less a man than Steve Jobs, with his reputation for unyielding perfectionism, it is safe to say that this could well have been the iPod of superyachts.

News of Jobs’ work-in-progress Feadship yacht was revealed on Cult of Mac, the news website for Apple. The report itself was not about the yacht per se, but about a new Steve Jobs biography written by Walter Isaacson. The article revealed several key features of the superyacht, however. According to the report, work on the Feadship superyacht had begun in 2009 and Jobs was still working on the yacht before he passed away.

In keeping with Jobs’ tradition of keeping designs simple yet beautiful, the superyacht was minimalist and sleek. Apparently, it was to feature 40-foot long glass walls. So you can only imagine what the view from inside would be like.

Feadship, however, has chosen not to comment on the issue, hailing client privacy as the reason. But speculation is rife about what the superyacht will look like. Some sources are suggesting that the boat will have Feadship’s recent Breathe concept as its starting point. The latter was showcased at the Monaco Boat Show 2010 and drew praise for its classy imitation of natural forms, shapes and patterns.

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