Dexter Brown Paints Formula 1 Car on Request

If you thought driving an expensive car wasn’t enough, you have had several opportunities to get yourself a Formula 1 car. More than that, you might have also embellished your house with expensive art. How about combining expensive cars, Formula 1 cars and art? Well, that is exactly what an Indian Millionaire who seeks to raise money has done.

He used a car that is driven by Italian Giancarlo Fisichella for 16 races to create impressions of art and is selling it so that his driving school can hunt for talented racers and also use much of the money in charity. The car comes with autographs fro Lewis Hamilton , Fernando Alonso and others. The motor sport artist Dexter Brown had a field day painting the F1 car and he confided that this is the first time he is painting an F1 car.

The car is expected to fetch $240,000 and much of the money will go towards Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in London. There could be nothing better than buying car that is also a piece of art work and is a F1 racer as well. It is like combining all the good things into one single package so that the ones who can afford can go ahead and drive a car that suits their tastes. So if you have the moolah, go ahead and get it! This could be a great idea especially if you have a lot of money and if you loved cars, art and Formula 1.

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