Book A UFO For An Out Of The World Holiday

This is one holiday idea that has stepped right out of an alien sci-fi movie. Tree hotel offers a unique holiday experience for those who dare. The firm has created a range of tree house hotels that look like UFOs. These spaceship holiday homes are located in the forests of Harrads close to the Sweden-Finland border. The charm of these UFO hotel rooms is that they combine the childhood wonder we had for extra-terrestrial life with the adventure of living inside a tree house. In many ways, this is a childhood dream come true. Think of it as something like E.T. meets Mowgli.

Tree hotel offers up to five standalone tree house rooms in the Harrads forests. In fact, this innovative accommodation idea has drawn the attention of the Swedish tourism authorities enough to earn Tree hotel the 2011 Grand Tourism Prize. Not so long ago, this prize had been given to another innovative property – the Ice Hotel.

Not that the UFO room, with its super retro design is the only trick in Tree hotel’s book. The boutique hospitality firm has also created a tree house named the Birds Nest (no guesses for what that one looks like) and another called the Mirrorcube. But if you are traveling with children – or even if you still are a UFO-fascinated child at heart – the UFO room is likely to be your best bet. Imagine the stories you could tell for years after!

The rates for the UFO room will cost you anywhere between 3990 to 4550 Swedish kronor (about $600 to $700) per person per night. But you won’t get a TV in this spaceship. For that, as well as for other things (sauna, Internet, restaurant, bar, etc.) you will have to head to the nearby Britta’s Pensionat.

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