Bluetooth LE Sport Accessory by Mosoro can Act Like a Virtual Coach

If you love the outdoors and sports like golf and tennis, you must be working on improving your swing or your backhand. Now you need not hire an actual coach and pay his fancy fees. You can get yourself a virtual coach now. Mosoro has developed a device which is basically Bluetooth LE 3D-Sport accessory. The technology is not new but its application is innovative and very effective. It is a practical device which is the size of a USB drive and is hooked up to a sporting equipment like a golf club or a tennis racket.

The device is based on motion capture technology and through Bluetooth connectivity passes on data to your smartphone about how the equipment, be it a golf club or a tennis racket, move in 3D. It gives you a clearer idea about how exactly are you swinging your sports equipment. It enables you to observe it objectively and see if you are making mistakes and correct them. It is a simple yet smart way of improving on your game and impress your buddies. It will impress them more than the most expensive golf cart.

Mosoro has developed another device which works like a weather accessory. It looks similar to the 3D-Sport accessory and is the same size as a USB drives. It captures data by measuring temperature, humidity, elevation and barometric pressure and sends these data to your smart phone through Bluetooth connectivity. Combined with the GPS function of a smartphone the data could generate some sort of a weather report. The best part about these devices is that they are both compatible with the iOS and Android platform. The Mosoro website carries a whole lot of information about these devices.


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