Life Size Swarovski Encrusted Figure from Fist of the North Star for $130,000

When the economy is slowing down, the marketers find it difficult to generate volumes. If you want to maintain or increase your profits you must change your marketing mix with more stress on high value, high margin products. Tetsuo Hara and Kaiyodo in Japan has done just that in the form of a 1/1 scale Fist of the North Star Figure. And it is not a simple creation of the figure but it is studded with 500,000 Swarovski crystals that sparkle to brighten up the figure.

The embellishment with sparkling crystals has pushed the value of the figure to $130,000. The figure is that of Kenshiro, the protagonist of the classic Fist of the North Star which is very popular in Japan. The figure stands at six feet tall. Tetsuo Hara and Kaiyodo has managed to breathe life into the life size figure. The stunning figure of Kenshiro will be on display at Tokyo’s Haneda airport so that a lot of people have the opportunity to see and appreciate it.

Finally in mid November the crystal encrusted figure will be auctioned by the Comics Zero Online shop. The proceeds from the auction will go to charity. You need not despair if you are a Kenshiro fan but the price of the figure is way above your budget. Swarovski Crystal Kenshiro figures is being made to various smaller scale and will obviously be cheaper. They will become available for sale at Comics Zero Online shop from October 25. But if you are sold on the life size figure, you must bid aggressively and be ready to pay a high price.

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