Hôtel du Marc Reopens after Four Year Renovation and Transformation

Hotel du Marc in Reims, France is a little different than the other standard 5 Star luxury hotels. It is more of a private mansion than a hotel. The accommodation is provided strictly by invitation. The house of Veuve Clicquot has created the Hôtel du Marc for guests from around the world who wish to discover the Champagne region and the French art of living. It is a 19th century, neoclassical private mansion and has just been reopened after four years of renovations. We would like ti highlight the fact that these renovations have been the most ultra high end renovations we have seen in different hotels around the world.

It was a global team of professionals and artists who were involved in the renovation project. There were specialists of historic preservation and cutting edge artists and renowned designers such as Mathieu Lehanneur, Pablo Reinoso, Fredrikson Stallard and the Campana Brothers. The building including its façade looks absolutely fresh. Madame Clicquot had acquired the land on which the mansion is built in 1822. It was handed over to her successor Edouard Werlé. The building was reacquired by the house of Veuve Clicquot and subsequently turned into the Hôtel du Marc, one of the premium luxury hotels in France

The renovation of the hotel has the perfect mix of tradition and modernity. The property has also been described as a magical fairyland. The brand has been the global standard setter. The new look Hotel du Marc is also part history and part fantasy. The artistic element in the redesign is very strong including the “Gloriette” by the Campana Brothers; the “cadre de vie” bench by Pablo Reinoso; the “Once upon a dream” room by Mathieu Lehanneur; and the entrance hall “mirror pleated skirt” designed by Bruno Moinard.

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