Barney’s Releases False Eyelashes Dusted with Real Diamonds

How about adding some sparkle to your life. We are talking about making your eyes sparkle to brighten up your face. There are shimmery eye shadows for the purpose. It also became fashionable to just dot a couple of rhinestones near your tear ducts. But here, we are talking about the real thing. Barneys have created false eyelashes which are dusted with real diamonds that will sparkle for life. The only problem is if you would like to pay a four digit price for eyelashes.

The fact remains; there is a definite demand for these snazzy, high end accessories. It basically boosts the confidence of the user besides adding a bit of a sparkle to her looks. Called the Kre-At Beauty lashes it boasts of 18-karat gold and diamonds lined along the lash line. SheFinds spotted these fancy false eyelashes and highlighted the extravagant features. They are not making it with gold and diamond to create the most expensive item in the category. It has been designed that way because the expensive materials are the most appropriate.

These high end eye lashes are not for everyone and they are available at Barneys only on special request. You can expect to see these fancy eyelashes highlighting the high profile false eyelash fans Michele Bachmann and First Lady Michelle Obama. After all it is a high profile product and its high price will also restrict its appeal to a limited class of people. But the fans of false eyelashes will simply love it. After all, if you can have diamond spoons then why not false eyelashes dusted with diamonds.

Via: huffingtonpost

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