Toyota Highlander Ad Highlights A Changing World Order

The times are truly changing. The luxury consumer now hails from the East. The East is gradually emerging as the economic powerhouse of the world even as the United States founders in an ocean of debt and other Western nations struggle to keep their finances in order. And capturing these changing dynamics is an advertisement for Toyota Highlander. The advertisement features a couple, possibly Chinese tourists, emerging out of their luxury vehicle (a silver Toyota Highlander in this case). It looks like they will be getting on to a private boat. Greeting them on the dock is a white man, who looks to be their employee, and he seems ready to carry their travel items on to the boat. Not so long ago, the relationships would have been reversed. The advertisement was spotted by Chinese blogger Tricia Wang.

Wang first saw the ad in the domestic terminal at Guangzhou. It struck her enough to inspire a blog post. Wang expresses it perfectly when she says, “10 years ago or even 5 years ago, I don’t think this advertisement would’ve existed.” She is right. Back then, the West was flourishing. The horrors of the recent recession were still a distance away. The Chinese economy was yet to bloom fully. But the ad indicates that the world order has changed drastically in recent times.

In fact, the Toyota Highlander ad is also a symbol of the importance of the affluent Chinese consumer in the world of luxury brands (most of which are still based in the West). Today, the Chinese luxury market is on its way to becoming the largest in the world. And Chinese residents are on a constant luxury shopping spree. Yes, the Toyota Highlander advertisement has done more than try to sell a car. It has captured a changing status quo.

Via: Business Insider

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