Prada Launches New Line of Fragrance Called Prada Candy

Prada is a well respected label in the field of fashion. They have tried their hand at other things to cater to their loyal customer base. They have their fragrance collection also consisting of the Amber and Infusion lines. They have introduced a new fragrance line called Prada Candy that adds a new dimension to their fragrance collection. The existing fragrance in their collection like Infusion de Fleur d’Oranger and L’Eau Ambree project some kind of seriousness and the new addition rounds off the collection by bringing a pop of neon joviality.

Prada Candy, as the name suggests, is colorful and explosive. A release document with the fragrance describes it as a “seductive and joyful girl running wild.” The name candy has been appropriately chosen because it delivers patisserie-inspired scents such as caramel and vanilla. These exciting scents have been well balanced with musky middle notes. This new line of Prada fragrance has been created in three colors to justify the name Candy. The three colors are hot pink, tangerine and gold bottle.

The new fragrance is young, fun and bold. It is not for those who are looking for a new fragrance which is apparently playful but basically serious. This fragrance is pure adult playfulness for the young at heart who aren’t looking for even a hint of irony. It is called Candy but it is not aimed at little girls in pink hair ribbons who are interested in strawberry ice cream. This candy is more of a caramel cotton candy dressed up in Louboutin’s. Prada has extended the Candy line to create Candy Shower Gel and Body Lotion. The new line is available exclusively at Neiman Marcus. You can find more information at their site.

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