The E-Yacht Is A Luxury Yacht Concept For High-End Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur (or hope to be one) this is the yacht for you. Charlie Baker is a relatively new entrant in the world of luxury yacht designers, and he has hit upon a fresh new idea. Baker has developed the E-Yacht concept, which focuses on the yachting needs of high-end entrepreneurs who travel a lot.

Baker is fresh from an internship with the prestigious Tim Saunders Yacht Design in Turkey. The designer, however, came up with the idea of a luxury yacht for executives while working on a project in China. Baker discovered that many yacht owners travel with the guests on luxury yachts. The main reason is to hold meetings on board. Baker recognized that this was an untapped area. His E-Yacht was born out of this experience.

In terms of length, the E-Yacht is really quite modest at 46 meters. Baker has used a Ramform Banff hull to make the E-Yacht appear longer and more spacious than it actually is. Inside, spacious corridors lead to the meeting areas and boardrooms. The bedrooms are fitted with all the necessary amenities, plus attached Jacuzzi-fitted baths. The luxury yacht also features other add-ons that guests will marvel at – a spa, a gym and a movie theatre. The vessel can accommodate over a dozen guests and crew.

A futuristic design adds the necessary pizzazz to this business yacht. The luxury boat runs on a hybrid diesel-electric machine that cuts down on carbon emissions. This may not be a racing yacht, but you will enjoy decent speeds for cruising through the oceans.

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