Citroen Hybrid Table by Enko Simulates Driving Experience on Different Surfaces

Bruno Lamoureux is the man behind Enko and within a very short time he has established it in the world of design. One of their latest and newest creation is going to get worldwide exposure. Their Citroen Hybrid Table, like the hybrid car model is going to be on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011. Enko is a new entrant in the world of design and they have been chiefly associated with furniture. Their new creation is the result of a partnership with the French car maker Citroen and that’s how they are able to showcase it at the motor show with Citroen’s hybrid car model.

It is a high technology table which has been created at the initiative of the carmaker to get a feel of their cars performance on different surfaces. The table has been divided into various sections representing hill, motorway, city, and motor way. A miniature version of their car is placed within the glass covered top surface. The user, through a touch screen panel can drive and control the miniature vehicle and experience the efficiency of the vehicle on different surfaces.

The hybrid car model is called the DS5 and it is basically a hybrid diesel engine 4-wheel hatchback offering from Citroen that has rather low carbon emissions of only 99gm CO2 per kilometer. It is a very important project for the carmaker as it is their car of the future. They hope that customers will get a feel of the car through the gaming experience on the table. We will have to wait for the Frankfurt Motor Show to be over before taking a final call but one must appreciate the innovative idea that is bound to be a success.


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