Versace Creates Gold Etched Vase in Collaboration with Rosenthal USA

Versace, the renowned Italian fashion brand has collaborated often to create things that don’t form part of their core competence like the bubble sofa or the Versace branded condo called Luxury apartments of Palazzo Versace. More often than not the results have been fascinating. They have again entered into collaboration, this time with Rosenthal USA Ltd. They are a leading American brand for homeware and leading international suppliers of contemporary table and living culture. The result of the collaboration is Nymph. It is an exclusive, limited edition range of vases. The Versace touch in the design is very evident.

The Nymph collection of vases is etched in gold. The body of the vase is pure white porcelain. The gold etching creates the classic Versace Greek border pattern and in fact accentuates the shine of the white body. The entire upper half of the vase is made up in bright gold. In fact the gold etching is done so well and skillfully that it looks like it is made from gold. The craftsmanship in creating the vase is the contribution of Rosenthal and they have perfected the art over decades.

The festive season is not far away and the vase could make an ideal Christmas gift. The Nymph collection has been made as a limited edition. There are several designs in the collection but each design will have only 99 pieces made. Each vase will be stamped with its production number. It is a sheer delight to watch and will embellish your home. The entire range of Nymph vases have been released to the stores and have become available worldwide.

Via: luxury-insider

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