Nichole de Carle White Diamond Knickers Are a Fashion Faux-pas

There are many people with lots of different kinds of fetishes and no matter which one you are in to, you would always come across that ol’ one who is in to undergarments. If you do not want to flash what you wear inside, you could also take a look at other Christmas collection at Selfridges we have featured earlier.

Whether you are a woman or a man (who wants to cross-dress, of course) this expensive Nichole de Carle knickers comes with a 0.10ct brilliant cut diamond. If you would like to show that you have a diamond in you, you could go ahead and buy these knickers for a price of £232. The rather tired looking and sort of worn out knickers are on sale at Selfridges. White knickers are usually a fashion faux-pas, and if it comes with a diamond you should only have an extra ball to carry garments like the one here.

Nichole de Carle white diamond knickers would be available from November 2011 and is the sort of fashion faux pas that you would never want to commit. Nevertheless, there are many people in the world who would be taken over by the fact that it comes with a diamond and will go ahead and buy it even if they don’t want to wear it themselves. If you are vain and would love to tell the world that you are so, this underwear is one of the expensive ways in which you could do it.

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