Mr. Kennedy Unveils $19,000 Gold Shoelaces

If you are still not tired of all the bling and shine, you might want to take a look at what could be one of the most expensive pieces of footwear accessories in the world. Mr. Kennedy, the inventor of this 24 carat necklace was named after the inventor of shoelaces themselves. The 24 carat gold shoelaces cost $19,000 and are secretly delivered to the one who deserves it the most.

While we are at it, you might want to read about the Neiman Marcus Christmas book 2011. Thus, it is a limited edition piece and only 10 shoelaces will ever be manufactured. If you can’t get hold of the $19,000 shoelaces, you could take a look at their consolatory silver shoelaces which cost ‘only’ $3,000. These shoelaces do not come with shoes and you would only have to get the shoes designed by someone who can match the atrocious nature of these laces.

If you would love to look ridiculous and spend a lot of money while doing so, you could go ahead and get these expensive shoelaces. As a fashion observer, I must say these laces are anything but ‘chic’, and are quite crass in nature. If you are aware of what is seen as elegant and sophisticated, you should have already learned that ‘bling’ is always a big ‘no’ unless you are a brawny athlete or a Rap star that wants to look ‘ghetto’. You could also take a look at the $39,000 backpack which is equally pointless as well.

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