Posh Tots Offers Treasure Cove Private Bed with Complete Makeover of the Room

The designers require being more imaginative while doing up the room for kids. Children don’t like things that are ordinary and have grand ideas about how their room should look like. They demand high tech stuff to be incorporated in their rooms. Pirates of the Caribbean had a great impact on the kids and the pirate’s ship has become a very popular choice for even wooden pirate ship bed. Posh Tots, as the name suggests caters to the whims and fancies of the rich kids. They have been in the field for some time and has recently created the Treasure Cove Private bed for kids.

The specially designed bed comes with its own set of murals, artifacts, and room decorations. The design has been inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean and comes with set of maps, compasses, cannons, telescopes, parrots, and scallywags. Posh Tots takes up projects to makeover the kid’s bedroom. They offer several options depending on the theme of your choice and the budget. They offer boat shaped beds, ship steering wheel, wall murals and even ceilings. The makeover is done on site and gives you control on the development of the procedure.

The makeover starts with consultations and presentation of 3 options of various designs you can choose from. The cost estimation is also presented to make it easier for you to make up your mind. You have a wide range of murals to choose from. The prices start from $5,000. Similarly you have matching options costing $2,000 onwards. The beds can be customized according to your needs and choice. The prices range between $10,000 and $15,000. The makeover is certainly going to make sleeping for kids an adventurous activity.


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