Bespoke Beds Add Extra Luxury To 18th-Century London Townhouse

Bespoke beds are the new attraction at David Carter’s London townhouse. The interior designer’s 18th-century home was described by German Vogue as the “world’s most beautiful small hotel”. The new hand-crafted beds are adding to the overall luxury at this stunning luxury hotel  in London.

The property, which goes by the name of 40 WiNKS, has been open to an exclusive clientele since last year. Not the whole property though. Two guest rooms are being offered to professionals from the creative and fashion industries. Photographers, models, art directors, designers and other professionals have been booking this luxury real estate on their trips to London. And now that Carter has introduced bespoke beds by Marshall & Stewart, the queue for bookings is bound to increase. In fact, 40 WiNKS is the only hotel in the world to feature beds by Marshall & Stewart.

Carter admits to having searched a long time for the perfect bed. He went through all the trouble because, as he put it, “Having a fantastic night’s sleep is an essential element of this experience…” On discovering British bespoke bed-makers Marshall & Stewart, the designer knew that his search was over. The company’s British origins proved to be the clincher. Earlier this year, Carter commissioned the beds, providing his own inputs about fabric and upholstery.

The fine new beds, which were revealed earlier this month, are from the Marshall & Stewart Diamond Collection. Carter seems to be delighted with the results. He says, “My guests can now enjoy a level of luxury and comfort that is unparalleled.”

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