Audeze debuts their new LCD-3 headphones for audiophiles and music professionals

Audeze has updated its LCD lineup of headphones which will greatly appeal to audiophiles. These headphones come with soft ear pads and are known to deliver an exceptional sound quality. Needless to say, these headphones have a leverage than any other headphone in the market owing to speech sheet and the buttery lambskin.

These Audeze headphones come packed with super-accurate planar magnetic drivers with an upgraded, ultra-thin diaphragm. They have designed to deliver recordings perfectly. Their earlier LCD-2 headphones had won accolades for its remarkable sound quality and is known have a list of sound professionals and audiophiles around the world as its clientele. Grammy Winner and Senior Mastering Engineer at Universal Mastering Studios also conceded that the LCD-2 series was the closest thing he had experience to a high quality studio in a headphone.

The executives of the company said these LCD-3 series will provide the highest quality, unsurpassed bass extension, exceptional treble and best midrange of any headphone on the market. That insanely huge price tag of $1,945 however doesn’t seem to interact with the midrange attribute here.

Audeze has been in the business for just about 2 years now but seems have to garnered a name for itself when it comes to innovative solutions for accurate sound acquisition and reproduction. The company is also known to provide speakers employ the latest innovations in material science to produce crystal clear sound and unparalleled sonic performance. The company is primarily seated in US when its comes to its production and research house but otherwise present globally.

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