West Elm’s Parsons Audio End Table Looks Attractive

If you were looking for a new docking station or a new product for your new iPhone 4S to spend your money on, there is a great possibility that you would not be able to buy anything extraordinary as Apple did not come out with an entirely new design. The present design is the same as the previous ad thus most iPhone case companies would still continue to manufacture the same sizes and they would not have to throw all the old ones.

This means the old phone cases did get a new lease of life and the companies that manufacture accessories to iPhones would continue to do so without changing their designs. West Elm’s new Parsons audio end table is slightly expensive and costs $400 which means that you would spend almost as much as you would spend on your iPhone.

It would help you to charge your iPod, iPad and iPhone and comes with a cool powered speaker system. This means that you can charge your phone and also listen to music on speakers which are built in the table. The quality may not be great as reviewers point out but it is not something that you would want to dismiss either. The table itself looks rather chic and is a great way to impress your guests. It is indeed surprising that people have already begun to buy a lot of iPhone 4S devices and accessories. It must be a great feeling to own an Apple device so that one can buy all these uber chic accessories.

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