Wendy Dollhouse costs just about the same as a home in Liverpool

If you thought you were spoiling your kids by bringing them expensive toys or even game consoles much before they can understand how awesome it is, you haven’t probably seen the Wendy House miniature. There is no dearth of expensive dollhouses but this one’s different owing to the level of detailing here and the cost which is almost same as the real deal in Liverpool UK.


These are made up of whole miniature avenues containing replica fire houses, doctor surgeries and houses, Lilliput Play Homes provides the ultimate in rich kid playtime entertainment. These also have interiors with accessories and furniture – and some even have working electricity for air conditioning should some of the kids get too hot. Owning a Wendy house is like a dream come true for many. This one measures about 12 feet (height) x 10 feet (width) in size. This one can be installed in the back garden and can also be customized as per needs.

When you feelt he need to move out, it can be easily converted into a wine cellar or even a storage house. So this means you don’t have to thrash it just because your kids have become too large to fit into this one. Rainbow Play Systems are making these and selling it for as much as $86,982. And they have already got orders who probably don’t mind even bringing the moon down for their kids. This makes me feel that I would have loved something like this for myself but then price tag is a reminder that I’d rather have that amount of money invested for my Havard education.

Via: DailyMail

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